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Scott 27 with Lahaina 243_02 21 Feb

Scott No. 27 on a folded letter sheet from Lahaina, postmarked with type 243.02, to Honolulu, probably in February, 1863.

Scott 27 with Hono red grid to Hanohano

Scott No. 27 on a folded letter in the Hawaiian language from Kapaa on Kauai to Honolulu.

Scott 27a with Hono 243_03 9Jun red

Scott No. 27a from Honolulu, postmarked June 9 with type 243.03, to Hilo. The red color of this postmark was changed to black around April, 1863, so this cover was sent in 1862. Among the various stamps of this issue, Scott No. 27a covers are rare.

Scott 27a with Lahaina 243_02 6Jun

Scott No. 27a on a folded letter sheet from Lahaina and postmarked with type 242.13, probably in 1866, to Honolulu.

Scott 28 with Hono red grid 11May63 dkt

Scott No. 28 on cover from Hilo to Punahou, Hawaii, docketed May 11, 1863.

Scott 28 with red Hono 243_03 20May

Scott No. 28 on cover from Lahaina and postmarked May 26 (probably 1863) with type 242.13, and sent to Honolulu where it was postmarked May 29 with type 243.02.

Scott 28a with black grid to Wini

Scott No. 28a on cover to Honolulu in the Hawaiian language and addressed to Henry Whitney. It is datelined Kaliko, Hawaii, March 23, 1864.

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