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The first 1 Bank Note stamp was the 1 mauve, Scott No. 30a, issued in March, 1871. This stamp is rare on cover. I record only three domestic use covers with this stamp.

Hono 243_03 6Apr76 30a

Scott No. 30a from Honolulu, postmarked April 6 and docketed 1876, to Lahainaluna.

In December, 1876, the color of the Kamamalu stamp was changed to violet and we have a new Scott Catalogue number, Scott No. 30b. This stamp is very scarce on cover.

Kealakekua 282_016 15Oct83 30b

Mailed from Kealakekua on October 15, 1883 and bearing a pair of the violet 1, Scott No. 30b.

Another 1 stamp, the blue Likelike given Scott No. 37, was issued in March, 1882. This stamp is also quite scarce on a domestic cover and I have it only on foreign covers.

The blue color of Scott No. 37 was short-lived and the same design was issued in green, Scott No. 42, in June, 1882. As with other 1 stamps, this stamp is quite scarce on cover:

Waimea 281_01 22Jul86 42pr

Postmarked on July 22, 1886 at Waimea, Hawaii, this cover bears a pair of the 1 Scott No. 47 to make the 2 single letter rate.

UPSS 3a Kohala 281_013 17Jun90 and 42

Here is another way the 1 stamp was used to top up the 2 rate with a 1 postal envelope. This UPSS 3a envelope and single Scott No. 42 was mailed from Kohala, Hawaii, on June 17, 1890 and bears Kohala postmark type 281.013.

The 1 Victoria Kamamalu was issued in a purple color in March, 1886, Scott No. 30. This stamp is rare on cover. I have it only on a foreign cover.

hawaii 46 tw

Courtesy of Antone Medeiros

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