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Portraits of Kings Kamehameha IV and Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani are featured on the several 2 stamps issued by Hawaii primarily for use in paying the single weight domestic mail rate.

Hawaii's first perforated 2 stamp bears the portrait of King Kamehameha IV, the orange-red Scott No. 31, issued in June or July, 1864. The EKU is in August, 1864, based on a cover bearing an August docket but no day reference. Covers bearing this stamp are numerous and are useful in studying the various printings of this stamp.

Hono 236_11(IV) 26Sep64 31a

Scott No. 31, on cover postmarked September 26 and docketed 1864 with the only known example of postmark type 236.11, type IV.

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Hawaii's second 2 perforated Bank Note stamp, Scott No. 35, bore the portrait of King Kalakaua and was issued February 20, 1875. The EKU is March 29, 1875. Covers bearing this stamp are numerous.

Hono 243_03 26Apr75 35

An early usage of Scott No. 35, docketed April 25, 1875 and postmarked at Honolulu the next day. Sent from Punahou, Oahu to Hilo.

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The color of the Kalakaua 2 stamp was changed from the brown of Scott No. 35 to lilac in the 1882 order and the new stamps, Scott No. 38, were issued June 16, 1882. The EKU is August 4, 1882. Covers bearing this stamp are scarce.

Hilo 281_01(I) 8Aug85 38

May 16, 1885 with multiple postmarks as the envelope made a circuit of the islands in search of the addressee.

A new color of the 2 Kalakaua stamp was issued December 9, 1883, Scott No. 43a, the dull red variety. The EKU is December 18, 1883. Covers with this stamp are scarce.

Hono 234_62 10Apr84 43a

This cover with Scott No. 43a was mailed April 9, 1884, from Kapaa, Kauai, to Honolulu.

Lahaina 282_012 4Jul84 43a

Another example of Scott No. 43a, mailed from Lahaina on July 4, 1884 and postmarked with the scarce Lahaina type 282.012.

Within a year, Postmaster General Whitney ordered the 2 Kalakaua portrait stamp printed in a carmine rose shade, Scott No. 43, issued November 28, 1884. The EKU is November 28, 1884 on a stamp off cover with a Kahului, Maui postmark. For a detailed comparison of the colors for Scott Nos. 38, 43a and 43, see Shade Study, Scott No. 38, 43a & 43.

Hono 233_02B 10Nov85 43

Mailed at Honolulu on November 10, 1885 and send to Punaluu, Oahu. This cover bears the carmine rose Scott No. 43.

In March, 1887, the old 2 Kamehameha IV orange-red stamp was reissued but the color of the new stamp was vermilion, Scott No. 31a. The EKU is June 22, 1887. Covers bearing this stamp are uncommon. For a detailed comparison of the colors of the two 2 Kamehameha IV Bank Note stamps, see Scott No. 31 and 31a.

Heeia 281_01 blank 31pr

Undated with a pair of Scott No. 31a, the vermilion color, this cover was mailed from Heeia, Oahu to Kipamali in South Kona, Hawaii.

A new 2 stamp with the image of Queen Liliuokalani, the dull violet Scott No. 52, was issued November 7, 1891. The EKU is November 19, 1891. Covers bearing this stamp are common.

Ookala 259_023 8Jan94 52pr

A pair of the Liliuokalani 2 Scott No. 52 on a cover mailed at Ookala, Hawaii on January 8, 1894.

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