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Much attention focused at the trial of Klemann v. Grinnell on differences between the large numeral "2's" in the Grinnells compared to the genuine. Witnesses testified how the tail of the genuine angles sharply up where the Grinnell tail is tapered. Using blow-up comparisons, we can see the shapes of the large numerals in all three values are different in the Grinnells than in the genuine:

arrowThe Large Numeral 2:

2 Type I
Advertiser Lot 12

Grinnell #51

2 Type II
Advertiser Lot 11

Grinnell #9

Adv. lot 12 2c - 2 - 600
Grinnell No 51a-2-600
2c Adv - 2 - 1200
Grinnell No 9 - 2 - 1200

check Note the tapered tail on the Grinnell compared to the sharp angle of the genuine; the tail points outward to behind the back of the 2 on the genuine, but hits the back of the 2 on the Grinnell.

Type I,
Advertiser Lot 12

Type I,
Grinnell #4

Type II,
Advertiser Lot 11

Type II,
Grinnell #3

2c Adv lot 12 - tail-600
Grinnell No 4 - tail - 1200
2c Adv lot 11-tail-1200
Grinnell No 3 tail - 1200
2c Adv lot 12 - back of 2-1200
Grinnell No 4 - back of 2 - 1200
2c Adv lot 11-back of 2-1200
Grinnell No 3 back of 2 - 1200

check The inner space of the upper loop is smaller in the Grinnell.

check From all appearances, the base of the genuine is thicker than the Grinnell, but careful measurement of the Grinnell is needed to confirm this difference.

arrowThe Large Numeral 5:

5 Type I
Trepel Census 2-I-UNC-16

Type I
Grinnell #22

5 Type II
Advertiser Lot 15

Type II
Grinnell #25

5c Chang - 5 600
Grinnell No 22 - 5 1200
5c Adv lot 15 - 5 - 600
Grinnell No 25 - 5 - 1200

check In the genuine, the point of the upper part nearly touches the lower ball.

check The top flags of the 5's are quite different.

check It seems the fat portion of the lower 5 is fatter in the genuine.

check A narrower inner space in the lower 5 is quite apparent in the genuine.

arrowThe Large Numeral 13:

13 Type I
Advertiser Lot 21

Grinnell 53

13 Type II
Advertiser Lot 20

Grinnell 52

13c Adv 21 - 600 - 13
Grinnell No 53- 600 - 13
13c Adv 20- 600 13
Grinnell No 52 - 600 - 13

check Neither the serif nor the base of the large 1 is the same.

check Inner spaces of the Grinnell "3's" are shaped differently.

check The inner stem of the Grinnell "3" points upward.

The foregoing notes mention only highlights of the differences. No argument can be made that the same type pieces made the Grinnells and the genuine large Numerals. Proponents of the Grinnells will argue these differences could simply be the result of wear. Given the major changes of shape, the argument cannot convince. Alternatively, the Grinnells are said to have been a different printing. A separate study puts to rest any notion of a multiple printing theory. The point here is simply to show the large numerals used in the genuine stamps were not used in the Grinnells.

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