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Tony Abraham


I started collecting Hawaii about 5 years ago since moving from my hometown of kaneohe, oahu. i became absolutely intrigued w/hawaii stamps and postal history. scott, i recently found out through your site that my great, great, great grandfather James S. Wight was the Postmaster of Kohala, HI. And that my great, great, grandmother (his daughter) Eliza Yates McKenzie's 3rd Husband (Bond) has covers that are widely collected.

I am currently very interested in town cancels, covers domestic and inter. Your site is phenomenal, and thoroughly enjoyable. I visit your site for reference almost daily. Keep up the excellent work.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Tony Abraham

James Allen

August 30, 2011

All Hawaiian mail, incoming or outgoing, possessing SCOTT US #17, 36, or 36B vs. dates of use, franking composition.

Thanks for the great website,
Jim Allen

Michael P. Anderson

August 30, 2010


I have been a collector of British Commonwealth for 50 years; but discovered the possibilities of Hawaiian postal history about a year ago.

Your web site has been extremely valuable to me in deciding how to organize and pursue my collection. While I have cancels and covers from several islands, my main interest are the post offices of Maui.

Sharon & I have been to most the islands including Niihau; but our favourite by far is Maui. Scott, thank you for all of your help.



Mansi Arya

June 27, 2004

I am interested in collecting the stamps from almost every corner of the globe, the problem I am facing is I do not know what to do with the collection I have, you will appriciate that the stamps I have been seeing on the net in different websites are of the excelent collections, but mine are also of not lesser interest

P.G.G. Bagaglia

Italian States (including Lombardy - Venetia) and Italian Area

Jack Balauro

June 4, 2011

Hawaiian Provisional Government Issues

Peter Bamert

December 18, 2001

This is the greatest Stamp/Postal history /Stationery site I ever visited! Congratulatins! I do not collect Hawaii but am interested in any information regarding Wells Fargo

Stuart Beasley

March 10, 2002

I just wanted to say i found this site veru interesting, and I'm going to start collecting now

Robert Boos

February 13, 2002

Hawaiian postal stationery

Michael Bosworth

December 3, 2008

I have been collecting postage stamps for more than 40 years but I am a relative newcomer to Hawaiian Philately. Congratulations on a wonderful website full of invaluable information. I expect to return here frequently to take full advantage of it!

Thanks and best wishes,

Michael Bosworth

Richard L. Brenchley

July 20, 2003

Hawaiian and Cook Island stamps and related material. US Sheets and also singles pre-WW-11

Tammy Brennan

January 2, 2003

Hawaiian stamps, FDC, fancy cancels, errors.
Love the site, thanks so much!

Marty Brinckerhoff

February 1, 2005

I am the great great grandson of Thomas Henry Hobron and I am interested in learning more about his life in New London, CT and especially Hawaii. I collect U.S. and Hawaiian stamps with a collection started by his granddaughter, my grandmother, Gladys Hobron Dyer.

I was pleased to find your article on the Kahului Railroad. My mother told me that growing up in Honolulu in the 20's she remembers sacks of the railroad tokens in her basement, but later they disappeared. I wonder if the RR stamps that were discovered later in a safe came from my grandmother's home.

Anyway, thank you for your wonderful web site. Looking forward to learning more. I have found some covers from the Hobron Drug Company, run by TH's son, Thomas William. TW was at one time the Commodore of the Honolulu Yacht Club and he was the first to welcome Jack London to Honolulu. Jack and Charmian to stayed at his bungalow near Pearl City where Jack wrote To Build A Fire while the Snark was refitted for the rest of his journey to the South Pacific.

Feel free to edit this down, but I have been trying to learn more about my Hawaiian ancestry through stamps and other means. The Hobron line on my grandmother's side goes back to a missionary bookbinder, Henry Dimond. I wish he had kept some of the stamps he used and passed them to his granddaughter, my grandmother.

Brad Brokop

Mail to actual missionaries like Rev. S. E. Bishop, Lahainaluna, Maui. Postal stationary. Postmarks. Both incoming and outgoing covers. and of course, the stamps.

Humberto Brumatti

Many congratulations by your fantastic Hawaiian Philatelic Bible on line !!!: all very, very complet and useful, with beautiful photos.
I very interested in study of Hawaiian stamps and postal history.
Also, since +30 years, I an fanatic of Tokelau stamps and postal history.

Jessie Buckley

March 2, 2014

Research to find the value of stamps for a widow friend.

Randall Eugene Burt

Philatelic literature; postal history of Hawaii; revenue stamps, documents; auction catalogs of Hawaiian item sales; picture postcard views of early post offices, postmasters or buildings.

Andy Bushnell

March 26, 2012

I've been collecting Hawaiian stamps [Monarchy through Republic] for about fifteen years, not counting the few that I saved as a kid from my father's collection. I have been using the I.D.C. Catalogue put together by Joe D'Assis in an effort to collect as many varieties as possible. I am probably close to accumulating about one-half of all his listed varieties--quite a challenge. I also use your web site where additional varieties are listed and where the wonderful descriptions and illustrations are most helpful. Thank you very much!! Recently I have begun collecting Hawaiian covers, but I'm just a neophyte in this area.

juan cabrera

Dear sirs,: Thanks you.
I am a collector of used stamps, and of magazines of philatelie, of all wordwide and are interesting in exchange with new friends.
Thanks you very much.
best regards,
juan cabrera

Dean Capelouto

February 5, 2002

Finishing off a complete Pictorials set.
Next Provisional Govt Reds.
Next Provisional Govt Blacks.
Next "Specimens"...

Victor Carter

April 11, 2020

Hi Scott

My main interest is pre-independence British West Indies, but Iíve come across a number of Hawaii post cards and envelopes.

David Chamberlain

none at the moment.

Allen H. Chan

At the present time all that I'm doing is to try to collect a variety of Hawaiian stamps.
I don't have any specialty(ies) at the present time.

Francis Chan

Very very well done site! Hawaiian ethusiasts will certainly have a field day here.

Bruce Chisholm

February 19, 2019

Hi Scott,

I am a Kaua'i resident. I collect town cancels on the Kingdom issues and stationery. It is good to find your site, recommended by a friend. Bruce Chisholm

Milt Chun

Great web site. I'm just got started collecting. Interested in any info or history of Hawaiian stamps. Mahalo, Milt

Michael J. Ciardella lll

August 5, 2002

I 've never collected stamps before, but it looks interesting!


Michael Ciardella

Roland (Ron) H. Cipolla II

March 4, 2011

Collecting: (1) Postally used newspapers, United States, through Civil War (2) Harndens Express Company, 1839 - 1875, Postal History and all Ephemera (3) The "2 Cent Postal Rate In The USA" (4) Printed matter, USA, Domestic up to 1850

Gus Clark

May 1, 2004

Hawaii stamps and postal history, particularly interested in the Provisional Govt overprints. Also worldwide postal history (any origin)to Hawaii before 1900.

Elliot W. Coleman

All U.S. Possessions including Maps, Stamps, Postal History and ephemera. Particular interest in Spanish American War/Annexation Period.

Nelson H. Coleman

United States Classics, Great Britain and Canada. Just became intrigued by Hawaiian Postage and am interested in learning more.

Don Collins

This is a terrific web site! I have been collecting Hawaii for many years, but I still have learned so much new information.

I'm interested in Hawaii Town Postmarks, Covers, Special Cancels, and used blocks. Also auction catalogs of Hawaiian items.

Robert Conley

January 7, 2013

This is an awesome, unparallelled website. I collect almost everything Hawaii but especially town cancels and other postal marks. Also collect US State Revenues and Australian States. APS and SRS member.

Joao Paulo Cota

September 18, 2003

I collect Portugal and ex-colonies specially Goa, which is as beautiful and sunny as Hawaii! I happen to browse through your website to get some information on Hawaiian stamps and I was fascinated at the amount of information available and most important, its quality! Congratulations!!!


Mail from the Philippine expeditions on their way thru Honolulu in 1898

William T. Crowe


Barry Decker

All aspects of Hawaii

Yannick Delaey

March 29, 2002

Topic collector "Railways"
Looking for KAHULUI RAILROAD stamps.

Phil Denker

June 27, 2005

General U.S.
Booklet and Panes
U.S. Possessions

Alan M. Dillon

Irregularities of the Provisional Govt issues and plating them through use of allignment lines and dots and position dots.

Warde Dixon

Town postmarks, corner cards and advertising covers

Frank Joseph Dosch

Very interested in all of Hawaiian postal history.I've learned a great deal from this exquisite website and apreciate it very much.

John Kevin Doyle

November 29, 2001

Hawaii used postal cards

ashwani dubey

October 30, 2002

I am ashwani from india 27 years old guy.I want stamps of us,uk,canada,france,greece,
new zealand and singapore in exchange of
india and nepal.

John Patrick Duffy

August 15, 2005

I collect worldwide, but I primarily concentrate on USA & Possessions, Canada & Provinces, Mexico, Ireland, France and UN. I mainly collect used stamps, except for the UN, for which I have mostly mint. I have not gotten very involved in postal history, primarily because the stamps take enough time. I started searching for Hawaiian stamps over 10 years ago and have a fairly nice collection of Hawaiian issues. However, most of my knowledge about them comes from the Scott catalogues. I was happy to find a link to your site. I will be coming back to learn more. Thank you.

Arie Duits

It is absolutely the best I saw on the internet. Great!!!!!!!!! Not only for the Hawaian Philatelist. I think everybody can learn from it. My interests: all Postal History from and to United Kingdom ca. 1840 - 1970

Dave Duncan

January 13, 2020

Accidental collector of USA pre 1900. In buying stamps to build my brother's collection I've accumulated surplus material, including Hawaii.

Thanks for putting together a wonderful, detailed site. So much more information than the Scott Specialized provides on Hawaii that it's night and day.

Most of the Hawaiian material I have came from two USA BOB purchases. Superficially I had a lot of duplication, but, after viewing your site with its detail on different printings, color shades, town postmarks, etc. I actually have very little duplication and a great starter collection.

You are the best!


Don Duncan

July 1, 2002

Hawaii Stamps, postal history, postal stationery, and town cancels. Also Hawaii picture postcards 1898-1900.

Wayne Dutcher

May 18, 2002

I am very new to collecting the stamps of Hawaii... I am "tied to Hawaii" by two holidays spent on Maui...and more distant connection by wife's grandfather, Capt. Lionel Dale Douglas, who made stops at Honolulu in the 1930's as Commander of Canadian Pacific's liner Empress of Japan. I am starting from the ground up collecting Hawaiian stamps and am letting Scott be my guide. I am in a learning mode....gullible and easily deceived!

Skip Eckel

April 20, 2003

I have been collecting Hawaii for about 30 years primarily town and fancy cancels. Your web site is OUTSTANDING! You are to be greatly commended for making the collecting of Hawaii so much more informative and thus much more enjoyable for both new and old collectors as well.

John A Edwards FRPSL

March 15, 2002

I collect 19th Century issues of the United States with emphasis on postal history and the franks and handstamps of the Western Express Companies.

I'm Editor of 'The Mayflower', the Journal of the American Stamp Club of Great Britain. We have over 400 members worldwide, but mainly in the UK. Many of our members collect Hawaii, and in that capacity I'm always interested in new finds, and items of interest for publication in our Journal. We run advertisements and a sales and wants column. Rates on request.

Ted Ellis

October 13, 2009

Hawaiian postal history & stamps, used and unused. Hawaii is a new, challenging, and very enjoyable collecting area for me. This site has been a tremendous resource, helping me to correctly identify specific issues and postal markings. It has also helped me avoid costly mistakes on purchases of Hawaii stamps that were incorrectly described by sellers. Beware of HI 10 (reproduction) being sold as HI 5. POP is a valuable resource.

Phillip Espinasse

March 7, 2008

I have a strong interest in Hawaiian history and have been collecting early vintage Hawaiian postcards and other collectibles for a few years.

Best regards and Aloha,


Leonard Ethridge

January 15, 2002

All Hawaii, especially postal stationery at this time.


Hawaiian refference books and Hawaiian stamps. Mahalo nui 'ia 'oe i kou kanalike 'ana, kou mana'o pa'a e pili ana ka ho'ili'ili po'oleka mo'olelo.

Bob Fashingbauer

April 15, 2004

Hawaii postal history, especially use of U.S. Parcel Post Stamps (Q1-Q12) in Hawaii.

William Fekete

November 27, 2001

I have had the pleasure of colecting Hawaii
for more than 30 years -- all areas. The
most interesting pat of my colection are the Essays and Proofs (although the Sperati forgeries are the most fascinating)

gustavo fernandez

hawaiian stamps and postcards-japan stamps-spain stamps-

Michael Feth

collecting interests: Germany 1872/1945(mainland), German state Prussia, French occ. after WWII, Saargebiet; and finally I started collecting Hawaii about half a year ago. focus on Scott #30/82, especially cancels/postmarks. your site will be a great source of information! thanks!

Jasmine Fong

Interested in collecting covers and stamps of Hawaii especially those involving the post of china. Exchange and share experience are welcomed.

ned franklin

all areas new and used

Herbert Freess

Anyone know anything about mourning covers? I have one sent from
Makeweli 6/17/1897. Anyone else have one from there?

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