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Miguel Galan

July 3, 2004

Hi, I am interested in exchange stamps with hawaii's collector and other Pacifics Island collector.
I have used worldwide and mint Spain stamps.


February 5, 2002


james a george

November 24, 2001

Looking for photos, pictures, postcards, etc. - anything to show actual post offices, either active or discontinued. Belong to Postmark Collectors club and have specialty-collection of thousands of post officen pix.

Malia Gerard

February 1, 2004

I am intrigued by Hawaiian postal history. I am at least 7th generation in Hawaii. I was doing research on my Great Great Great Grandfather Rudolph Wilhelm (RW)Meyer when I found the postmark envelope for American Sugar Company which he began. He was also the postmaster in Kaunakakai from R. W. Meyer (1868-1897). My interests are on covers from the 1850s through the 1900s, and anything family related...i.e. American Sugar Company, R.W. Meyer, Ltd., etc.

Peter Gilmore

Hawaii Postal Issues ... I have changed my focus to the Imperf. issues. Scott31 is the best person I have met in Stamp collecting in 20 years. I rely on his experience and judgement.

Eric A. Glohr

I collect and exhibit Hawaiian postal staionery, town marks and cancels, mint/used postage and revenue stamps, and postal history.

Eileen Glover

March 13, 2002

Looking for information on Charles Schlecht, an engraver for American Bank Note Company in late 1800's, who worked on the first Hawaiian postcard.

Prof. Alan H. Goldberg

I have been a serious student of Hawaiian Philately for over 40 yrs. I serve as an expertizer on Hawaiian Stamps and have managed to accumulate many of the lesser known varieties in the field of Hawaiian Philately. I still maintain an avid scholarly interest in all phases of Hawaiiana.

Ira Goldblatt

August 10, 2002

Majoring in US with a minor in HI stamps.
Stationed at Schofield Barracks, and Waianae
during my military service created a deep love affair with Hawaii.
Really enjoy your most educational web site.
and am at this time interested in the Grinells, which you cover exceptionally well.
Thank you for a fantastic addition to the wonderment of, Are they real or fake?
Sincerely, Ira Goldblatt

Norman Gonsalves

July 26, 2003

I am doing research on ancient Big Island trails, and I would like to acquire a black & white or color copy of the Hawaii island map that you use on your website. Can you be of assistance?

Benjamin F. Grabiel

January 25, 2002

I just started collecting stamps and other related items. Talk to you soon. Ben G...

Paul Gran

April 7, 2007

I collect Israel (virtually complete with tabs) and US, including Hawaii and other Possessions. Hawaii is my favorite among the Possessions. I am eager to trade.

Daniel Enrique Grau

May 28, 2006

I collect mint and used Hawaii stamps and postal stationery and post cards. I want to contact other fellow Hawaii collector for trade. Thak you very much for this wonderfull web site, it is the best for the Hawaii collector.

Bill Gray

Just an amateur enjoying a hobby - this is a GREAT website. Thanks so much.

Larry Grossman

October 25, 2015


I sell and buy postal history of the world, and collect Canadian Civil Internee postal history. From the first time that I encountered this website, I have recommended it to others, whether or not they are serious collectors of Hawaiian postal history, just to demonstrate how good a philatelic website can be…Whenever I have a question about a Hawaiian cancel, and it surprisingly often, this is the only site that I need to go to.

Lamine Guéye

July 19, 2003

I am Lamine,
a postal card collector.I have been collecting postal card for more than 15 years.I several from many African and Asian countries cards

Joe Guzzardi

October 16, 2016

Collects US stamps since 1976, love all Hawiian issues

Lives in Pittsburgh, PA but a frequent visitor to the Islands

Lowell Handberg

August 4, 2005

I collect all US and US Possessions.

David Handelman

Hi. I collect worldwide AR/return receipt/rückschein/ricivuta di ritorno, etc., and was fascinated by the early registered and AR covers on your site. [I have one Hawaiian AR cover, on stationery, but with two stamps missing; I bought it on e-Bay, after missing two other intact ones, one on e-Bay, the other in a Rumsey-Schuyler auction.]

When I have some time, I intend to prepare a monograph on worldwide AR (and related) service.

David Handelman

randy hayashi


Stephen T Hazam

November 15, 2014

I'm planning to take up again the hobby which brought me so many years of pleasure. Since I moved to Hawaii 3 years ago, I am considering on focusing on Hawaiiana. I like stamps that are part of the mosaic of a historical story.

Hans Hell

February 13, 2019

Specialized in all Hawaiian Town Marks and Cancels, Postal History and former German State Saxony

Richard S. Herman

September 27, 2002

Am interested in learning about stamps of 1850 - 1900 Hawaii. Will probably expand collecting interests. Presently have sheet & mint tab Israel and unused & used Palestine Mandate collections.

Darrell Hill

August 24, 2010

Just starting out in collecting and have selected Hawaii Stamps as one of my topics. Thanks for a great detailed site.

Glenn Hinchey

February 21, 2020

I collect worldwide stamps, mostly pre-1940. I began collecting in 1963 at the age of 9. I bought a US Territories album recently and have been picking up Hawaiian stamps for it. Your site has an amazing wealth of information. I spent several hours going through it today. Thanks for maintaining a fantastic resource!



Don Hoffman

December 14, 2002

I collect just U.S. except for Hawaii. We spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii each year, and have become interested in early stamps. as well as early Hawaiian History. We have a couple of letters, deeds etc. and find them interesting. Is there a collection (such as the old Hawaii Advisor)available to see?

Sean Hu

November 11, 2001

Have been collecting Hawaii stamps for a few years. Just started getting into overprinted errors. Found lots of valuable information here. Thanks.

Lance Hulleman

This sight is great for those just starting to collect Hawaiian Stamps
I read everything you have on the Numerals, and I am Hooked!

I am also interested in Postal Marking too

June H. Humme

Hawaiian Postcards of all ages. First Day Hawaiian covers and earlier covers. Just learning about stamps and I thank you for adding to my information.jhh

Herbert A. Hutchinson

I am of Barbadian descent, and am collecting world-wide especially of island nations (such as Barbados and Hawaii). This website on Hawaiian stamps provides everything I need to know about the Hawaiian stamps I am seeking. Scott, your research on Hawaiian stamp history (and the culture of the island nation it once was)is outstanding.

charles ii

January 23, 2004

Very interesting site. Born and raised in Hawaii, now living in California. Started collecting Hawaiian stamps around 1960. I will come back here when I have more time to catch up with the stamp world.

Mahalo and Aloha to all of you out there.

Mark Inklebarger

November 20, 2009

Hawaii fancy cancels and town cancels as detailed on this wonderful website.

Wilfred S. Inouye

November 14, 2004

Main interest are covers and used postal stationaries. Lately I'm getting involved in collecting town and fancy cancels.

gillian inskeep

intrested in getting info on territory of hawaii postage stamps.
and price information.

Dennis Jackson

Republic issues of 1894 & 1899 along with #31 & 65.

Frank Jankowski, Sr.

Have been collecting stamps since I was a kid, turned the majority of my stamps over to my grandkids, Did however continue my Hawaiian stamps & cover collecting, I find Old Hawaii to be most interesting, especially it's people, infact I went & married a local girl, Hawaii is indeed a true Paradise on this earth...Aloha

Kathy Jenkins

March 7, 2007

You have a wonderful web site. My interests started with early US and focused on Hawaii stamps while living in Honolulu. I currently have a few Hawaiian Numerals and pre-1871 but I have all 1871 and later and am missing only one stamp from 1871, except for the 61B & 66C errors. I've since started collecting countries that I have visited such as Iceland, Germany and Spain.

René Kejlskov Jorgensen

February 15, 2003

An absolutely astounding website. Can their at all be anything left to tell about this exotic area :-) I wish someone had made a website like this on Classic France :-)

Best regards


May 30, 2004

Beginner in Hawaiian stamps; collect USA/Canada/West Indies and Vatican. Member a great site.

howard kadohiro

no collecting specialties-still trying to find an interest without going in another direction. your site has a wealth of interesting information, that has further complicated the goal of finding a special interest. mahalo for your great site.

Jacquelynn M. Kane

August 11, 2002

I'm not an avid collector, just a sentimental Native Hawaiian American who came across two pre 1900 Hawaiian stamps in my possession. I must say, your website is absolutely fabulous!

Norman H. Kane

December 19, 2009

Born and raised in Hawaii; still many very vivid and memorable experiences. Plan to collect as many unused Hawaiian, Boston Engraved, Pictorial, Revenue, Annexation stamps and Postal cards. Love taking trips home each year!

Jeff Kelly

March 24, 2020

I collect Hawai'i Kingdom town cancels and double transfers of Scott 75 and 81. I am enjoying the tremendous amount of information on the POP website.

Charles Kemp

I collect checks and other fiscal paper both
with and without revenue stamps.
You have a great site and it is a real service to collectors. Congratulations on
all your research and effort!

Donald A. Kenmonth

March 27, 2006

Hawaiian Postage, Revenues, Postal Stationary and Philatelic Literature.

Matthew Kewriga

September 7, 2003

The US Banknote Series, postal history and stamps.

sehar khan

i like to collect aii kinds of stamps . they should be really nice.

Dennis S.Q. Kim

Sir: I find your site most comprehensive and informative. I worked with Mr. Burns to compile his last revision to volume II (typed) regarding town cancels and am interested in town cancels and postal history. I am not a expert, however I appreciate the beauty of Hawaii's postal history and cancels.

I wish I had the time to persue my hobby more, however the persuit of saving Hawaii's
vanishing flora has taken most of my time and interest. I do have some of the IRRRR items (listed as tentative) along with other items which I can't identify (cancels) and will share them with you on your trip in May. Aloha, Dennis

Roger Kuehnlenz

January 1, 2013

Interests include Hawaiian mint, used, postal stationary, mint and used, postally used letters and stationary. Besides Hawaiian I collect United States Stamps (mint only) including U.S. stationary and Liechtenstein stamps, mint only.

Thank you for keeping up an excellent site. I would be interested in joining a Hawaiian Stamp Club if one is available. Please let me know. Thank you,


Philip A. Kumler

June 26, 2020


What a wonderfully detailed site. Thanks for standing with our hawaiian history. We currently make non-profit donations and philatelic training for youth possible at RMH, schools & museums. My 30 years of service culminated in a 2017 US NAVY retirement ceremony on the USS MISSOURI, with my last duty station at Camp Smith. My 60 years of collecting has a growing focus on Hawaiian pre-cancels.

Gerald Kwock

I have been collecting Hawaiian stamps, postal history and covers since 1946. I have most of MH #1-860 in various forms whether on piece, on stamps or on covers. Also I have many postmarkings of all islands.

Robert Labelle

December 29, 2009

Enjoyed your Website. My interest is mainly in the postal stationary of Hawaii, and I was delighted to find the comprehensive catalog of same.

I visited the Islands in 1979 while on sabbartical at Oregon State U. My wife and I enjoyed an unintended stopover on the big Island, landing on both coasts, and then went on to Honolulu, where I ran in the marathon, and then to Maui. I say that I "ran" it, but actually it was so warm and muggy despite a very early start that I walked a lot. Oh well, it was a nice week's vacation.

Catherine Lake

February 19, 2002

Sorry for taking up space. You do offer a guestbook. Thought I'd sign it.

Matt Langianese

Excellent site! I am a collector of Hawaiian Postage, postcards and covers.

Pascal Lardinois 

November 18, 2016

Stamps have always been an invitation to travel and ‘Post Office in Paradise’ is an invitation to dream.

Too eclectic to ever become a serious collector, alas!  

thomas e lawrence

December 13, 2001

I have been a collector of Hawaiian philatelic treasures for thirty years.In that time I have a collection of stamps,postcards,envelopes,and antiques.

Gordon Lee Jr

July 11, 2003

Found that my great great grandma had a stamp of her so I started taking an interest in hawaiian stamps. Mahalo for sharing

Monty Lehmann

I am most interested in the Portrait or
Banknote issues.
I look for clear postmarks on used copies, and
I am especially interested in mint multiples
or sheets. I like to trade with other Hawaii
collectors. I accumulate as well as collect
so I sometimes have a lot of material available
for trade.

Richard Leon

Nikon cameras, postal history and stamps of Afghanistan, Jammu Kashmir,
and Hawaii, seated quarters etc

James Lesniak

February 03, 2018

I collect US and possessions mainly. Interested in a trading partner of both stamps and information. I've collected for many years and have most sets complete. Always looking to find out more information.

Dave Lewer

July 12, 2006

I always had a burning desire to travel to Hawaii because of its unique beauty and a few years ago my dream came true and I had a long holiday on Oahu and Kauai. I fell in love with the place, people and lifestyle and when I returned home to the UK, I started to gather a small collection of postcards from the early part of the last century.

Recently, whilst perusing Hawaiian artefacts on EBay, I noticed some early postage stamps for sale and was quite taken back by the portraits of the Hawaiian Royal family. Anyway, this inspired me to do a little research into the 'Postal history of Hawaii' and I was thrilled to see that there were many others available and many, many variations.

So to cut a long story short, I now feel inspired to start a collection and through the good fortune of finding your website, I will be able to glean some valuable background knowledge to steer me in the right direction.

Thank you.

Dan Lewis

Hi! I'm a kama'aina born and raised in Hilo, and now living in California. I'm in the process of selling my general U.S. stamps to concentrate entirely on Hawaii. I'm primarily interested in covers to and from Hilo. I stumbled upon your
Davey/Bash pages and was fascinated!! I'm a manuscripts curator by profession. I miss the Big Island! I'm 41 and my parents still live in Hilo (my dad, anyway; my mom passed away in Hilo in 1997). I'd appreciate knowing of any Hilo covers you've got for sale and from time to time will buy them from you. Mahalo nui loa, and a haoli makahiki hou... -Dan Lewis, Ph.D.

Julius Lichtenstein

January 27, 2003

Hawaii Kingdom Covers auxiliary markings
inter-island preferably from or to individuals who were " Important Men or Women " in their time . Auxiliary Marks, Registered Letters.

Mary Liggate

May 28, 2004

I'm not a professional, but I used to collect stamps as a child, and your website has inspired me to start again. As I come from the South Pacific (I'm originally from New Zealand), I found the Hawaii aspect really interesting too. Thanks for your effort in making this site!!


erika likens

December 19, 2001

just looking

C. Michael Long

August 29, 2016

Interests: Have been collecting since I was 8 years old; first collection was stolen several years ago. Have had to rebuild collection even after insurance paid what first was worth. Mainly collect United States and its territories; along with United Nations.

Gabriela Beatriz Loza

Information for philatelist: History of the post, auctions, classified, join, links, etc. In english and spanish

Ms. Darla Lubguban

January 5, 2002

Aloha & Mahalo for this site! I plan to set aside a few hours soon to check out all the listings. What fun! :)

Jim Luetje

Been collecting Hawaii for over 25 years. My two major interests are town cancels and interisland usages of postal stationery.



Stephen R. Lyon

June 17, 2004

I collect classic US, early 20th century, revenues, etc. I've purchased stamps of Hawaii for years but have put them back for a rainy day. It's rainy. Your website is a delight. Thanks.

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