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Stephen & Nancy Mabie

November 08, 2014

Collecting Hawaiian stamps, especially Numeral Issues, Hawaiian stamp blocks and some early Hawaiian Postal Cards and occasionally selling some extras on E-Bay

Richard Malmgren

All Hawaii.
Currently exhbiting Hawaiian Revenues internationally and Hawaiian Postal Cards nationally.

Noel F. Marks

July 18, 2020

Scott: This is a wonderful site and helpful in identifying Hawaiian stamps. I am a collector and part time dealer. On occasion I find various Hawaiian stamps in old stamp albums purchased at local auctions. The Scott catalog is very difficult to use, however your site is absolutely first rate. Thanks for sharing information on Hawaiian postage.

Peter Martin

January 27, 2004

Researching Hawaiian National Park postal history, including Volcano House and national park slogan cancels. I would like to hear from anyone with examples or anyone who knows of articles about the subject.

Richard Martorelli

May 29, 2002

Great web site! I'm glad I found it. I am seeking information about Pacific mail ship sailings between
Manila and Honolulu for the 1930's-40's. In specific, I have a Manila postmarked
envelope of Nov.23, addressed to the mainland US. It was franked with surface
postage only, and somewhere along the way it was censored. By best guesses and
a little research, i figure the sea journey from Manila to Honolulu was c. 12 days.
Nov23 1941 appears to have been a Sunday,and THanksgiving would have been
the following Thursday. I can guess about a lot of things, and have this envelope
sitting in a mailbag on a ship in Honolulul during Pearl Harbor. I also know that
censorship of foreign mail was authorized Dec.12,(Friday) and probably really
got started 15th-18th. So, that's why mail-carrying ships sailing schedules
become impoirtant to me, to try and get a little more specific. Can you point me to
some likely resources? Thanks.

Richard Martorelli

Walter E. Massa

December 7, 2009

Aloha Post Office in Paradise

I collect classic postal history of Pacific Islands and Hawai'i of course.



Pablo U. Massari

I collect the topic medicine on stamps (doctors and diseases), mostly interested in tuberculosis worldwide

John Matlick

March 11, 2003

Hawaii Numerals, Boston Engraved and well centered stamps and unusual covers, especially Kauai

Murray Matzner

March 24, 2014

I collect US BOB, especially materials that have a story.

Frank McAlonan

April 18, 2004

Hi, I'm a collector of Tokelau stamps and covers. Would like to exchange information and knowledge about the three islands that make up Tokelau.I'm looking for airdrop covers and Gilbert and Ellice stamps on cover used in Tokelau. Also looking for interesting accounts of Tokelau and covers with Western Samoa stamps used in Tokelau.What do you have?

Jack McDermott

June 9, 2013

I am not a collector but am interested in Hawaiian history through stamps, especially the Kalakaua era, 1881-91 and in general, in stamps that feature pictures of the monarchy.

I am a retired physician, (now professor emeritus at the UH medical school), and I volunteer as a docent at Iolani Palace. My friend Keith Steiner has put me on to your site as a resource, and when I mention stamps and their importance in my tour, people seem quite interested in their history and their function then.
Aloha, Jack McDermott

Charles H. McNutt

Present interest is in affordable (!) numerals and completing my regular mint postage collection. I am indebted to Peter Gilmore for directing me to this excellent site.

antone a. medeiros

hawaiian postal stationery, especially used

Max Mejer

March 15, 2010

Being a philatelist having had the good fortune to be able visit the beautiful Islands it is just natural to collect Hawaiian stamps including postmarks, cancels and stationery.
I do appreciate the vast information available in Post Office in Paradise which helps to get the best out of my little collection.

Harold Mendelson

November 12, 2012

I collect Hawaiian stamps from 1851 to 1899. I also collect related auction catalogs and books.

Ken Meyer

March 19, 2003

30 years of just collecting Hawaii slowly getting a few great finds error overprints. and now starting numerals plating. Always looking forward to great new items up for offer.

Tim Milbrandt

August 26, 2003

Primarly US, starting to collect hawaii

Charlie Miller

Very nice site, Scott. I collect Pacific Islands stamps and postal history. I have wanted to start a Hawaii collection for some time. This site will certainly make the task easier. Keep up the good work.

Jim Miller

June 13, 2013

I make my own album pages for Hawaiian fakes. Your website has helped tremendously in identifying the stamps!

Marty Miller

Hi. I collect SAMOA, especially pre-1900. The Palm Tree Issue.

Mike Mills

This site requires too many superlatives to describe. I'll just say it's one of the ali'i nui of stamp sites.

Monica Moore

August 12, 2005

My husband and I really love Hawai'i and are interested in the history of the islands. I came across this website and thought it was interesting.



Kerry Morgan

July 1, 2003

I Collect all stamps but have become interested in Hawaiian postage and have begun to accumulate a small amount of Hawaiian stamps.

Patrick Morgan

I like to collect US used with interesting postal markings. I am intrigued about Hawaiian RR markings. Excellent site!

Martin J. Mosen

Love the site and found a wealth of important information here. Can't wait for the book. I have recently started working on my Hawaiian collection again and am finding is a wonderful and interesting area. I also collect CSA.

Rodney Moura

I collect only Hawaiian. Have been at it for over 40 years. I built a Hawaiian Stamp WEB site because I thought there should be some information about to hobby out there. BUT after looking at you site I think I'll take mine down. Your site is the best by far. I gave your URL to everybody I know who collects Hawaiian.

Mowat, David

March 21, 2002

Born and spent most of my life in Hawaii, now an expatriate in Oregon. Hawaiian stamps provide one of my most pleasurable contacts with "home." Hawaii stamp interests include used and town cancels, about ready to expand into other postmarks.

Gordon T. Muraoka

This is just tremendous. Great Web site. A local person having a field day. My theme has been Hawaii for over 15 years. Philatelic interest include Cook Island. Christmas Island. Aitutaki, Niue, and Japan.



Jay Murley

January 20, 2007

Specialized in Hawaiian material for a quarter century starting in 1964 until failing eyesight made collecting impractical. I collected cancellations on both colors of the 2 cent Honolulu Harbor issue. The late Richard Wolffers auctioned it.

Jim Mussells

March 10, 2002

Fantastic site - love the historical background. Am not a stamp collector, but have acquired many stampless Hawaiian covers for their historical content. Am always on the lookout for broadsides, stampless covers, Hawaiian photos and ephemera.

Blake Myers

Trans-oceanic mail to and from the United States, 1860-1865 (which includes a section on Hawaii involving all the various rates and frankings.)

Elizabeth J. Nettles, Ph.D.

I am interested in all of Hawaiian Philately but especially the Kingdom period.

Jared Neville

August 9, 2003

My hobby in Stamp Collecting have given me interests in different countries culture, geography and history. I have primarily setup my web site to showcase my interests in stamps and countries they represents. I have also included other topics of interest that I have.

Jim Noll

October 29, 2006

I collect Postal Money Order material and I have interest in Hawaiian Money Orders and MOB strikes. I have in my collection Money Order stubs from 1899-1900 but I have never seen the Money Orders themselves. I am looking for information about and scans of the Money Orders. Also information on Money Orders from other date periods.

Dr. John J. Nunes

December 26, 2001

The most comprehensive site devoted to a single area of study I have visited. If only all could be so designed. I visited to learn
about the stamps that I sell as a dealer and to eliminate uncertainties about forgeries and real items.

Duane Oat

January 8, 2005

I was thrilled to find your site. Joseph Oat (Postmaster, Hawaiian Provisional Government, 1893) was my great, great grandfather. I became interested in collecting stamps when I was a child, and now have an extensive collection of commemorative issue stamps. I've often thought how ironic it was that I became interested in stamps, not knowing earlier on that I had a former Postmaster in my family's past!!!

Great site, it's certainly in my bookmarks of Favorites!

Kind Regards,
Duane Oat

Frank Okamura

I collect Hawaii and just started trying to collect town postmarks and cancel marks. This is the very best philatelic site on Hawaii and I appreciate it very much that you are willing to share this valuable information with everyone. I commend you.

Jeff Omdahl

Biggest interest lie with the Numerals and Covers. A hugh thank you to Tom Mills for directing me to this site and taking the time to teach me about town cancels. Mahalo

L Peat O'Neil

July 27, 2017

Collecting Interests:

Volcanos global
Hawaii subjects
Maps on stamps - globa
Writers on stamps

art orme

Hawaii and canada provinces

Michael J. Orr

August 26, 2003

Specializing in stamp booklets of the world, and Pacific Ocean.

Brian Owen

beginning to collect the recently introduced own stamps

Arlene Padamada

July 27, 2002

Town postmarks

R. Palma

June 25, 2009

I enjoy learning about Hawaiian history and am a volunteer at a local historical society. I am not a collector, however, the postal history that I find on your website is fascinating and very useful. Thank you so much for this resource!


September 2, 2002

I came to view the convention period stuff for my brothers collection, thanks, I will give him your URL.

Dennis D. Patton

You should be very proud of this website - a model for websites, full of information and skillfully organized. Many thanks for your labors!

Interested in Hawaiian history prior to 1900, and of course the stamps, as a beginning collector. Keep up the good work!

Dennis D. Patton

Allison pauls

Hawaii, Canada

Michael Peich

March 18, 2018

I am interested in Hawaiian stamps and postal covers. Your website is a pleasure to read and a well-informed resource. Iíll travel here often!

Cheers, Mike

Michael R. Petermann

I am trying to assemble a complete collection of the stamps and stationary, FDC, FFC, and revenues of Hawaii. Must have most of the numeral forgeries by now. Have no depth of any one item but willing to make available all I have to the serious scholars by scan or mail.

Gary D. Peters

Hawaiian postal markings & service markings

Edward Pirovits

February 24, 2004

Hawaiian stamps and used postal cards and stationery. Your website, Post Office in Paradise,is excellent. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Barry Pisick,M.D.

This is an incredibly wonderful website. It contains very helpful material both for a worldwide collector like myself or for the specialist. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for the book!
Best regards,

Rick Pompilio

We collect Hawaiiana in general. Picture Post cards, paper items, dishes, artwork, etc. I have been collecting Hawaiian stamps and covers for about 8 years and am getting serious with learning what I'm doing and trying to fill in as much as I can find and afford. We love to share our collectables and invite anyone with similar interests to call when planning a trip to could result in a Free Studio Rental!!!

Patrice M. Pulvers

November 27, 2002

U.S. Possessions

H Travis Putney

October 14, 2003

Hawaiian Stamps and Covers

Roger W. Randall

May 28, 2009

All types of Hawaiian postal history, member Hawaiian Philatelic Society

R. Gary Rasmussen

January 11, 2007

I colllect postally used stamps 1840-1940, including Hawaii, plus all years of a few selected countries, including the nordic countries.

Jean-Paul RAYNAL

March 22, 2002

Thematic collection about volcanoes, mainly through postal history : Hawaii is a paradise... but you already knew that !
Secondary interests are France , obviously, and Morocco.
Congratulations for the best site I've seen on the web : great job ! Best regards

Stan Rehm

January 26, 2019

My principal interest is in Scandinavian philately, including shades, cancels, and flyspeck varieties of the classic era.

Donald N. Riemer

Anything having to do with turtles. I was delighted to learn about the Honuapo P.O. This is a beautifully done site. I am very impressed.

David W.Robbins

August 17, 2003

Intererested in all Hawaiian stamps-particularly the less expensive ones. The old(1931) Scott Int'l album in my possession had only one page for Hawaii In 1946 I spent ayear with the Navy at the Honolulu airport checking the plane for its proper weight-stayed in a bunk upstairs in that small airport. It's a lot bigger now!

G. Rick Robinson

November 11, 2001

Interested in either unused or used postcards of Hawaiian scenes, especially hotels in the Hawaiian Islands.

william rock

would like to obtain a representative sample of hawaiian stamps for my collection

Dick Ross

August 26, 2002

US Specialist since 1946, I have collected US Possessions for the past 4 years. I have a very small want list of Hawaii, other than Missionaries, which are financially unatainable. It includes #'s 8,11,&28 and numerals #'s 15,16,20,21,23,24,&25. There are more expensive holes to fill, but I doubt if I can afford them.

Tony Rozycki

August 16, 2009

Worldwide philatelist 56 years; interested in Hawaiian philately, geography, history, literature & photography including kodachrome slides from when we lived on Oahu in '47 & '48. Member HPS & APS. Great website Scott! Aloha & Mahalo

David Ryan

March 17, 2002

Fantastic site! I didn't realized the subject of Hawaiian stamps was so rich! I collect Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Germany.

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