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Ted Ashworth

September 13, 2010

I have collected and dealt in Hawaii stamps since 1960, having been a Hawaii resident for 48 years. I have some examples of Hawaii cancels, copies of which I can forward if you like, for your excellent website.

Ted Ashworth, Bear Stamps


P.O. Box 19972

Sacramento, CA 95819

Hawaii stamps unused & used, town & other cancels, covers from monarchy period to 1959, Hawaii picture post cards from 1900's unused & used,USA stamps with Hawaii subjects mint & FDC, Hawaii related paper collectibles, USA & foreign stamps & covers. We buy and sell. We have had a table at WESTPEX in San Francisco annually in April since the 1970's.


Web site:

Frank Bachenheimer

December 22, 2007

Dealer in all aspect of Hawaii philately.


Web site:

Phil Bansner

I am a dealer in United States Postal History
I do web site design and web site hosting.

James Benzie

Uncancelled blocks, sheets, and postal cards


Les Boisclair

January 27, 2014

As an auction lot writer for many firms over the years (since 1965, currently for Daniel F. Kelleher) I find your site invaluable.


Albert Chang

January 14, 2004

I have been involved with the Meyer-Harris revision project since 1986; this site is the active book revision in website form. This site shows the most up to date information in the most accessible of means. I tell my customers who are interested in learning about Hawaii to look at the site.

I am a specialist dealer in early U.S. and U.S. Possessions. I have had the pleasure of building a number of great collections for clients, including the collections of Charles Pietsch III and Robert Drucker.

Patrick Conelly

Any and all Hawaiian stamps. I am interested in virtually all areas of stamp collectiong (1960 and earlier preferred).

This is the best philatelic site on the web--which thus makes it the best site on Hawaii.

I have looked at the guest book and noticed, with gratification, that many individuals that I directed to this site have signed in.

I plan to make certain that as many collectors as possible are made aware of this site.


Web site:

Ray L. Coughlin [deceased]

This is tremendous. Will put a link to it on my site.


February 23, 2005

Thank you for your help. This website is great for noivce &/or experts.


Web site:

Steve Crippe

May 29, 2004

Comprehensive site for Hawaiian philatelists. We usually have a few nice Hawaiian items to offer. Please visit our web site. We conduct Internet auctions and have several thousand USA items available in our Online Galleries.


Web site:

David Druett

January 29, 2019

Collecting postal stationery cards with town cancels


Fabio Famiglietti

US & Possessions


Web site:

Jim Forte

September 11, 2007

I am a dealer in U.S. and Worldwide Postal History. I offer a good showing of Hawaiian territorial material, especially military related. My site includes a preliminary listing of territorial and statehood post offices and their dates of operation.

Web site:

Richard C. Frajola

I am a dealer and exhibit consultant specializing in US postal history.


Web site:

MAJ Guy A. Gasser

March 29, 2020



Web site: Curtis Gidding Stamp Store

Curtis E. Gidding

August 14, 2005

Congratulations on a fabulous website. Websites of this caliber or excellent examples of how the internet can provide much needed information on philatelic areas. Sites such as this will definitely help the collector expand his knowledge of the area of Hawaii stamps.

SAGE Stamps - Robert Gray

August 3, 2002

United States, Possessions, Great Britain


Mark L. Hamburg

March 19, 2005

I deal primarily with Philippines stamps and postal history but frequent handle other US possessions including Hawaii. I was very impressed with your web site. It is not only one of the finest philatelic sites I’ve seen, but one of the best of any. Thank you for your efforts.

Mark L. Hamburg
P.O. Box 68
Otis, OR 97368-0068


Web site:

Leonard H. Hartmann

Dealer in Serious Philatelic Literature.


Web site:

Eric Jackson

March 10, 2011

Dealer specializing in U.S. and Possessions revenue stamps. On occasion I have Hawaii stamps too.

This website is a valuable resource for Hawaiian material.


Web site:

Anthony Russell Kassel

December 24, 2004

My store specializes in Western Europe, especially SPAIN, BENELUX and VATICAN CITY

My collecting interests are worldwide pre 1955, USA and its old possessions ie Philippines, Canal Zone and Hawaii. I have been a member of the Philippine International Philatelic Society and the Canal Zone Study Group. Currenly I am APS member number 182002. I buy large collections and lots bust them up. fill a few holes in my collection and list the remainder in my eBay store.

Mahalo, and Good Stamp Hunting 2U.

Antonio / TonyK.

A.R. Kassel
P.O. Box 588
Hilo, HI 96721 US


phil kay

Nice job; hope it reaches especially neophites who dearly need general information
as well as some sellers attempting to auction off fakes as genuine.
Hawai'i; several projects, including postal history of Terrirorials; numerals, stationary
and too many others.

Harold D. Larsen

September 13, 2003

I Am interested in and always learning about Hawaii stamps
and Hawaiian postal history of 1850- 6/1900. Your web page has been
a great resource in this pursuit
I began collecting and learning about Hawaii and it stamps from my
family. My great grandparants and grandparants arrived in
Hawaii from Norway in 1882 aboard the sailing ship Musca.


Tom Mills

Dealer-have studied and handled Hawaiian covers for some years now but have never spent sooo much time at one site. FABULOUS job very thourough and great job on trans-pacific sailimgs and rates. A great adjunct to Meyer/Harris and the Advertiser collection for information. Scans of some current items available to to matching requests if available.


Web site:

Rick Mingee / Paperless Stamps

Collecting San Francisco PH in the same time period.
It goes hand and hand with Hawaii...check out my site and look for
the cogs! I also sell early US stamps via the web but I'm leaving this
message for the collecting side of the house!


Gary Morris/Pacific Midwest Co.

This is the most informative, detailed, educational, and historical Hawaii philatelic web site in the world. As both a stamp dealer specializing in Hawaii, and a professional computer geek, Post Office in Paradise is absolutely AWESOME!


George Papandreou

March 21, 2010

Dear Scott,

This is a fantastic site. I have recommended it to several of my clients. Thank you very much for undertaken what must be a labor of love. Would it be ok if I link to your site on my website, which is currently "a work in progress"

Thanks again, George.


Web site:

Jin Peng

August 29, 2008

Collecting and dealing worldwide thematic postal stationery and postmarks, including Hawaiian thematic place name postmarks


John Peters

As a second generation stamp dealer I can tell you that this is fantastic work, an outstanding and useful website. Fred Mandel and Richard Wolffers would have been very excited by this work. I would recommend it to any collector! Thank you for your fine work!


Web site:

Stanley M. Piller

May 10, 2003

Dealer in Classic US Stamps and Postal History, including HAWAII, Stamps and Postal History. Vist my store in Oakland. This is the finest stamp related site I have ever seen. Scott31 you did a great job


Marc Powell

I am very impressed with this website - Very well put together & informative - Buyer & Seller of Worldwide


Leon Puttemans

April 23, 2018

This site is fantastic and very useful for the collectors as well as the traders. Thank you for existing...

Best regards


Web site:

Schuyler J. Rumsey

November 25, 2001

Auctioneer regularly selling Hawaiian stamps and postal history.


Web site:

William A. Sandrik

February 2, 2005

I am a dealer in U.S. & Worldwide Postal History, including Hawaiian covers and cancels. I also collect Hawaiian fumigated covers. Yours is the best one-stop site for finding out information on Hawaiian stamps and cancels.

William A. Sandrik
P.O. Box 3277
Arlington, VA 22203


Web site:

Charles F. Shreve

Scott. - you are to commended for this wonderful website. It's filled with an immense amount of useful information.

My interest in Hawaiian stamps and Postal History comes from mine, and my family's love of the Islands. Plus, our auction firm has had the pleasure to sell several wonderful and valuable Hawaiian philatelic properties over the years, including the collection of Charles J. Pietsch III.

Web site:


This is a very nicely done website, and appears to be well-packed with material related to its topic! I do not specialize in the area, but you can still check out some U.S. stamps at my website.

Web site:

Timbrés de la Côte d'Opale

February 27, 2004


We're a french's philatelics club and we have a website (in french and english); New look 2004 :
- The Cote d'Opale with stamps (tourism, gastronomy, ....)
- The philatelics links
- and we're selling stamps (much countries) for finance our club.

Thanks for your future visit,
"Les Timbrés de la Côte d'Opale"


John Tomi

June 26, 2002

"Congratulations on setting up and maintaining this excellent website. I occasionally offer Hawaii material on eBay, and am learning as I go along. I have been very impressed with the depth of research that has been done into Hawaiian philately, and hope that your site continues to provide such a valuable resource for novices and experts alike."

Many thanks once again for all your help.
John T.


Web site:

Scott R. Trepel

Auctioneer who sold the Honolulu Advertiser and Christian H. Aall collections. An avid student of Hawaiian stamps and postal history.


Web site:

John Valenti

September 16, 2004

I am a dealer in 19th century U.S. postal history and used stamps, specializing in cancellations. I think that Post Office in Paradise is the finest philatelic web site of its kind that I have ever encountered. This rich source of information will now be my first stop for assistance analyzing Hawaiian postal history and cancellations. I am currently using it for just that purpose and hope to soon post a group of covers and stationery using the detailed information that you provide.
John Valenti
APS (122441), USPCS (RA2572), USCC


Web site:

Pam Vogt

October 14, 2009

Mr. Z's/ Vogt Stamps, Coins and Collectibles

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