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236_11(IV) 26Sep64 - 2

From 1859 to about 1884-1886, Honolulu postmarks used on local and inter-island mail were usually different than those used on foreign mail. See Honolulu Foreign Mail Postmarks to 1886. Overlapping uses are noted in the descriptions below. The distinction disappeared during Henry Whitney's tenure as Postmaster General in the mid-1880's.

MH #243.03

243_03 8Aug59 3BVIII

Plate 3-B-VIII
August 15, 1859

243_03 1Jan60 3BX

Plate 3-B-X
January 13, 1860

243_03 20Sep59 3CVIII

Plate 3-E-VIII
September 20, 1859

243_03 20May62 red

May 20, 1862

243_03 black 7Mar63-64

March 7, 1863-1864

243_03 22Nov77 LKU

November 22, 1877

35mm circle; red, black; steel die
Domestic Usage: August, 1859 to November 22, 1877
From August 1, 1857 to October, 1868, this mark was used on collect foreign mail and from October, 1868 to June, 1870, this mark was used on both prepaid and collect foreign mail. From about July, 1875 to about November, 1876, this mark was used as a backstamp on foreign mail directed to destinations beyond the United States. Red is noted to March, 1863 and black thereafter. Dating the numerals and Boston Lithographs on domestic mail is difficult, but Geoff Brewster published a helpful dating study listed in the bibliography at the end of this page. By the end of this exceptionally long usage period, the mark appeared quite worn.
Scarcity 4

MH #236.11 (IV)

236_11(IV) 26Sep64 - 2

September 26, 1864

28mm, black; boxwood die
Usage: September 26, 1864
One strike recorded on cover. This mark is similar to the foreign mail marks of MH #236.11 but there are differences in the lettering and orientation of letters to prove it was made by a different device. When the device was ordered the Honolulu Post Office asked for four devices of the same style, three of which are seen on foreign mail. Only this one strike of the fourth device has been recorded.
Rarity 1RRRR

MH #222.02

222_02 27Feb77

February 27, 1877

23mm; black; steel die
Usage: November, 1876 to December 23, 1878; also used from December 4, 1876 to December 23, 1878 as a backstamp on foreign mail directed to destinations beyond the United States.
Scarcity 3

MH #223.029

223_029 30Sep78

September 30, 1878

223_029 16Nov78

November 16, 1878

24mm; black; steel die
Usage: May, 1877 to August, 1879; also used from September 30, 1878 to July 7, 1879 as a backstamp on foreign mail directed to destinations beyond the United States.
Scarcity 3

MH #237.02

237_02 8Jan84

January 8, 1884

29mm with attached duplex cancel type 131; black
Usage: November, 1883 to May 13, 1884
Scarcity 4


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