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The following LINKS are to sites for extended research references or other resources relevant to the study of Hawaiian Stamps and Postal History. Commercial sites of dealers and auctioneers are not included because advertising is beyond the scope of this site. For print publications, see General Bibliography.


1851-52 Missionaries
1851-1852 Missionaries in the National Postal Museum.

Hawaii's Royalty On Stamps
An illustrated essay by Michael Mills.

San Francisco

Rick's Personal San Francisco Cog Wheel and Postal History Display!
A great site dedicated to SF cogs cancels.

Steam Panama, The Oval Markings of San Francisco
A useful guide with excellent illustrations of steam markings applied on the Panama Route.

Other United States

An ambitious census project, including illustrations. Hawaii covers are included in the scope.

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. Encyclopedia of Stamps
A comprehensive study of United States stamps.

US Stamps Price Guide and Pictorial Guide
Excellent images of 19th Century issues tied to Scott Catalogue numbers with an easy identification guide.


Papua New Guinea and German Pacific Colonies
German language site devoted to German Pacific Colonies.

The Virtual Stamp Album New Hebrides
An excellent site for information on the New Hebrides Islands.

Koban Collection
Japan Koban Issue and related postmarks.

The Philippine Philatelist
Excellent site for 19th Century Philippine stamps and postal history.
British Solomon Islands site.


The British Library, Philatelic Collections
An outstanding philatelic exhibit, including the Tapling Collection of Hawaii and an extensive philatelic library. A must for anyone in London.

The Glassine Surfer
A wonderful general reference site for many research goals., The Ultimate Stamp Resource
A good general reference source with a useful links directory.

The American Philatelic Research Library
The most extensive philatelic library in North America, with an on-line card catalogue.

Lee's Stamp Listopedia Illustrated
General study resources with a large link list to country sites.
A site for references philatelic links to many countries.

Stamp and Philatelic Links - Free Resource for Stamp and Philatelic Collectors
Worldwide coverage of philatelic sites.

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