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Molokai and Lanai are located just west of Maui, seen on the right of this image. Molokai, the larger of these two islands at 259 square miles of land, has a mountainous east end and a relatively flat, arid, west end. The eastern mountain ridge rises to a summit elevation of 5,000 feet at Olokui. A small rise on west Molokai known as Mauna Loa reaches a height of 1,382 feet. East and west Molokai divide between Mauna Loa and Kaunakakai. Canyons and steep cliffs dominate the north coast of eastern Molokai but the mountains rise gradually from the reef protected south coast. The population of Molokai was concentrated on the east end, particularly along the southern shore. Molokai's famous leper colony was located on Kalaupapa Peninsula, jutting out from the north coast beneath towering and nearly impassable cliffs. Landings were at Pukoo (17 miles from Lahaina), Kamalo and Kaunakakai on the south coast and at Kalaupapa (50 miles from Honolulu) and Kalawao on Kalaupapa Peninsula.

Lanai (50 miles east of Honolulu) is a mere 141 square miles in size and was privately owned throughout the second half of the 19th Century. It rises on the east side to an elevation of 3370 feet at Paiawai and falls off gradually to the west. It has landings at Kamaiki Point, Manele Bay and Halepalaoa. Villages on Lanai included Koele, the ranch headquarters and Lanai City, both located in the upland interior of the island. Keomuku, not mentioned on this map, was a sugar plantation town in the late 1890's and was situated just northwest of Halepalaoa landing.

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Island of Molokai

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Kaunakakai was the main town of Molokai. Kalae was the ranch headquarters, located upland from Kaunakakai. Going east along the coast from Kaunakakai is the landing at Kamalo and the towns of Kaluaaha and Pukoo. Halawa Valley is located at the extreme east end.

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