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In addition to the mixed franking covers to other countries shown on other Convention Period pages (Shanghai, Winnipeg, Canterbury and Coulon sur Mer), the Madeira Foreign Office label covers and the Australasian covers, this Period has covers to numerous other destinations. As explained on the main Convention Period page, letters from Hawaii had to bear United States postage stamps to pay the prevailing rate between the United States and the destination country where mail was sent through the United States for delivery elsewhere.

Hono 23Dec78 cover

Postmarked December 23, 1878 at Honolulu with type 223.029 on the back, this cover is addressed to Metz, Germany, where it was received January 29, 1879. Germany was an original signatory to the GPU and the rate from the United States to other GPU countries was 5, paid with the United States 5 stamp (US Scott No. 179).

Hono 27Sep80 cover

Originating at Kawaihae, this double weight cover to England has a Kawaihae backstamp (type 238.02) dated September 25, 1880, it is also postmarked September 27, 1879 at Honolulu with postmark type 234.62 on the back. The Universal Postal Union was now in place and the rate from the United States to other members of the UPU was 5, paid with a pair of the United States 5 stamp (US Scott No. 179). San Francisco used the fancy leaf cancel and postmarked it October 6. It arrived at Liverpool (Liverpool U.S. Packet mark dated October 24) and was sent to Wigton (October 25 receipt).

Hono 2Nov80 cover: front and back

Front and back of cover postmarked October 28, 1880 at Hilo (type 238.02) and November 2 at Honolulu (type 234.62). The letter originated at the Hitchcock & Co. plantation at Papaikou in the North Hilo District of Hawaii, destined for East Hatley, Canada. The three 1 United States stamps (US Scott No. 134) paid the 3 treaty rate from the United States to Canada.

Hono 4Dec76 cover

Postmarked with the rare Waihee type 237.03 postmark, this cover is the only one recorded with that mark. On the back is Honolulu type 222.02 dated December 4, 1876 and a Ballater, Scotland mark dated January 5, 1877. The rate to Scotland was the same as to all of Great Britain and after July, 1875, the GPU rate between the United States and Great Britain was 5. One can debate whether this United States 6 stamp originated and was an overpayment of 1, or whether it was added to replace a missing 5 stamp.

Other destinations noted are Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Guernsey, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Wales, Argentina and Prussia.

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