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Loose type flaws resulted when a piece of type became loose enough to change the appearance of the overprint, either because the type shifted or because it failed to print altogether. Two examples of loose type flaws were addressed on the Provisional Government Issue main page under Progressive Flaws: the wandering or missing period in position 6 and the missing "3" in position 48.

Scott 66 misgper

Missing Period in Position 6, the bottom stamp in the image below

Scott 53 msg

Missing "3" and shifted "9" in position 48, second printing, State IIa


The "9" in position 23 is found missing in some stamps of Scott Nos. 57 and 71. The missing "9" frequently prints an extremely faint "9" and to find it entirely missing is difficult, particularly for Scott 71.

Scott 57 msg9
Scott 71 msg9

Missing "9" of Scott No. 57

Missing "9" of Scott No. 71

The "9" was sometimes loose enough in this and in other positions to make a weak print. A weak "9" has been noticed in Scott Nos. 65, 68 and 73 from position 23 and in Scott No. 66 from position 48, all first printing stamps.

Scott 66 pos 48-9

weak "9" from position 48

There is also a broken "9" in position 32 of Scott 57 and it sometimes is confused with the missing "9" variety. Here is the broken "9":

Scott 57 bkn 9 200


The "s" of "Provisional" failed to print in position 42 on some first printing sheets of the 15:

Scott 70 msg s


A different phenomenon of missing letters or numbers occurred when type was occluded by some substance. This variety is not really a loose type flaw. It is noted in the 15 and in the 50 stamps.

Scott 70 occl
Scott 72 occl


Various letters and numbers seem out of place - too high or too low compared to normal, or tilted one way or another - a result of minor type shifting during the long process of overprinting.


Tilted "T"

Dropped "3"

Cockeyed "GOVT."

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