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Kihei 255_01 25Apr00 81

Pictorial stamps of the Republic of Hawaii are common on commercial domestic covers. Both the 1 and 2 values can be found readily. This cover bearing the 2 salmon Scott No. 81 was mailed from Kihei, Maui and was postmarked there on April 25, 1900 with Kihei postmark type 255.01.

Hono 226_528 circular

The 1 yellow, Scott No. 74, is found commercially on domestic drop letters and circulars. This circular was mailed from Honolulu to Spreckelsville, Maui.

Hono 231_82 2Feb97 74 drop

Here is an example of the 1 Scott No. 74 on a drop letter mailed February 2, 1897 at Honolulu for delivery in Honolulu.

Hono 231_72 10Feb99 74 taxed

This taxed cover bearing only the 1 Scott No. 74 was mailed at Honolulu on February 10, 1899.

MH 116 Hono 1Apr96

This cover bearing the 2 brown Scott No. 75 was canceled with the old style patent cancel MH type 116.

Hana 281_11 27Oct94 75

A double rate cover bearing a pair of Scott No. 75 this cover was mailed at Kahului, Maui, addressed to Paia, but was sent erroneously to Hana, Maui. It was returned to Kahului and then sent to Paia so it picked up multiple postmarks.

Hono 232_528 circular

The 1 green Scott No. 80 is seen commonly on circular or drop letters and in pairs to make up the 2 rate. This example is a circular letter mailed from Honolulu with the undated postmark type 232.528.

Kahului 271_017 12Jun00 81

Mailed June 12, 1900 from Kahului to Spreckelsville, this cover bears the 2 salmon colored Scott No. 81. It was postmarked with Kahului type 271.017. Scott No. 81 is common on cover.

Wailuku 253_01 2Jun00 81

This cover with a Scott No. 81 was mailed from Wailuku, Maui, to Honolulu and was postmarked June 2, 1900 with Wailuku type 253.01.

Higher values of the pictorial issue were printed for foreign mail but appear on domestic philatelic covers. The 10 value is known on commercial domestic registered covers, as in this next example.

Koloa reg 30May

This domestic registered cover was mailed at Koloa, Kauai on May 30, 1899, with Koloa postmark type 282.012 and sent to Honolulu where it was postmarked on May 31, with postmark type 282.11. The 10 yellow green Scott No. 77 along with a pair of Scott No. 81 frank this cover for the domestic registered rate.

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