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UPSS 4 4Feb86
UPSS 4 4Feb86 - back

An example of UPSS 4a sent from Hilo on February 4, 1886. This cover bears the Hilo postmark type 238.02 in blue.

Postal Stationery was introduced in Hawaii in 1883. The 1, 2 and 4 values were issued for domestic mail. See Postal Stationery for details of the postal stationery. The 1 and 2 values come in different sizes and with different knives, each giving rise to a separate UPSS number. Some of the 1 envelopes are rare used and one, UPSS 3, is unrecorded used. Among the 2 values, only the pale pink, UPSS 6, is scarce used.


UPSS 1 Hono 231_72 4Jan94

Here is a used example of UPSS 1, the small size 5 envelope, mailed at Honolulu on January 4, 1894 and paying the 1 drop rate. Examples of UPSS 1 are considered rare used.

UPSS 2 Hono 8Mar89

This envelope is UPSS 2, the light green size 6 envelope with knife P-10, mailed at Honolulu March 8, 1889 with a 1 Scott No. 42 stamp to make up the 2 rate for domestic mail.

UPSS 2a 2Jul88

A dark green UPSS 2a with knife P-10 mailed at Honolulu on July 2, 1888 paying the 1 drop rate.

UPSS 3a Lihue 282_011 17Jan93 drop

Size 6 envelope with knife P-11 are found with and without the flaw at the bottom of the ornament. Without the flaw, it is UPSS 3 and none are recorded used. With the flaw, it is UPSS 3a, as in this example mailed at Lihue, Kauai, on January 17, 1893. It pays a 1 unauthorized drop rate for mail within Kauai.


UPSS 4 12Mar88

An example of the small size 5 2 envelope without lines for the address, UPSS 4, mailed at Honolulu on March 12, 1888.

UPSS 4a Kahului 282_01 (I) 12Mar86

Size 5 2 envelopes printed with the address lines are UPSS 4a. This example was mailed March 12, 1886 at Kahului, Maui.

UPSS 4a Kapaa 4Apr85

This example of UPSS 4a was mailed at Kapaa, Kauai, on April 4, 1885.

UPSS 4a Wailuku 281_01 (II) 29Apr85

Another example of UPSS 4a, mailed at Wailuku. Maui, on April 29, 1885.

UPSS 5 Hono 235_22 29Nov86

Size 6 2 envelopes with knife P-10 are UPSS 5, and this example was mailed November 29, 1886 at Honolulu with a Castle & Cooke football handstamp. This envelope also comes with a blue inside and as such is designated UPSS 12. Used examples of UPSS 12 are rare.

UPSS 6 Hono 231_72 1Apr90

A pale pink size 6 envelope with knife P-11 is UPSS 6, printed on a glazed paper. This example was mailed at Honolulu on April 1, 1890 and sent to Hamakuapoko, Maui. C. H. Dickey was the local postmaster at Hamakuapoko. Examples of UPSS 6 are scarce, used or unused.

UPSS 6a Paia 281_011 6Jan94

Size 6 2 envelopes with knife P-11 were issued in carmine and red shades and are designated UPSS 6a. This example was mailed from Paia, Maui on January 6, 1894.


Only one envelope was printed in the 4 value, but it comes with both a white and blue inside. The blue inside envelopes, designated UPSS 13, are rare. White inside envelopes are designated UPSS 7.

UPSS 7 Hono 231_72 26Apr89

This example of UPSS 7 was mailed at Honolulu on April 26, 1889 and sent to Hamakuapoko, Maui. It has the Lewers & Cooke corner card.


In 1893, the Provisional Government ordered envelopes overprinted. There were no 4 envelopes to overprint, but the 1 envelopes designated UPSS 3a and the 2 envelopes designated UPSS 6a were overprinted. With overprints, the 1 value is UPSS 16, and the 2 envelope is designated UPSS 17.

UPSS 16a domestic use

This example of UPSS 16 is a drop letter mailed in Honolulu to a Honolulu addressee at the 1 rate.

UPSS 17 2Sep95 domestic use

The overprinted 2 value, UPSS 17 paid the 2 domestic rate for letters originating beyond the post office of delivery, as shown in this example.

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