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Ulupalakua ms 31a Aug64

Docketed in August, 1864 and mailed from Ulupalakua, Maui with the manuscript postmark of that office.

Hilo Custom

Scott No. 31 on cover postmarked with the Hilo Custom House mark and docketed May 27, 1865.

Hono 24 Feb Mr

Scott No. 31 on cover to Mr. Amau in Honolulu and postmarked with type 243.03 dated February 24, year uncertain. Mr. Amau was a prominent member of the Chinese community in Honolulu and facilitated the transmission of mail with Chinese in other parts of the islands.

Hilo grid 3x rate

A dramatic triple rate cover with the first printing of Scott No. 31 and mailed from Hilo, Hawaii, with the well known Hilo grid cancel.

Waimea ms 21Nov67

Docketed by Rev. Lyons at Waimea, Hawaii and canceled with the Waimea manuscript postmark on November 21, 1867.

Kohala ms 18Dec69

Docketed on the back on December 18, 1869 and mailed at Kohala, Hawaii to Hilo, Hawaii, with the Kohala manuscript cancel applied by Rev. Bond.

Waipio ms 15Jan70

Canceled with the Waipio manuscript postmark on January 15, 1870.

Neg M C.B.Andrews 23Aug71

This cover docketed by C. B. Andrews on August 23, 1875 bears a cancel with a negative "M" best seen on this image where the right leg of the "M" laps outside the right side of the stamp.

Kawaihae 26Apr72 Lyons

Docketed April 26, 1872 by Rev. Lyons at Waimea and postmarked at Kawaihae the same day. The propeller cancel is rare. It may have been used by the overland carrier for mail picked up along the way.

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