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Please report strikes of town postmarks listed in categories 1 and 2 for use in the census study of rare or scarce town marks, using my E-mail address ( So we can eliminate duplicate strikes, please either send a scan of the strike in 300 dpi or higher resolution, or include in your report as much of the following information as possible.

Town name:
Post Office in Paradise number for the town postmark strike you are reporting:
Postmark date:
Whether on cover, or off cover, or on a piece of an envelope.
Other visible markings:
Ink color of strike (use sunlight or a "white light" to distinguish dark purple from black or dark blue, please):
Whether the strength of the strike is heavy, moderate, or light.
Scott No. of stamp:
Condition of stamp [describe major faults to help me distinguish the mark you are reporting from other reports]:
Location of the strike on the stamp (or the cover) using UR , or Top half, or UL, or SON ("socked on the nose" - a term used for off cover strikes on stamps - meaning the strike is smack in the center of the stamp), or Left half, or Right half, or BR, or Bottom half, or BL, or Other:
For partial strikes, describe what is visible:
For full strikes, describe anything missing:
For single lined circle marks, is there any sign of a double line?
Your E-mail:
If you wish to add more information, please do.

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