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Patriotic covers during the UPU Period are associated with the time of the Spanish American War and subsequent Philippine Insurrection - 1898-1900. Most patriotic covers found today are soldier covers. See Soldier Mail. Typically, non-military patriotic covers from this period are "full flag" covers featuring either the Hawaiian flag or the United States 45 star flag. Another event, having a far more profound impact on Hawaii's future than troubles in the Philippine Islands, was the United States annexation of Hawaii in August, 1898. Quite conceivably, the full flag covers are as much a proclamation of sentiment on that issue as they are symbols of wartime patriotism.

Hono 28Jun98 No 77 patriotic front

A "full flag" patriotic cover front. This cover shows the Hawaiian flag and was postmarked on June 26, 1898, during the Spanish American War and less than a month before the United States annexed Hawaii. Perhaps the cover was intended to express an anti-annexation sentiment.

Hono 28Aug98 Hawaiian flag

This full Hawaiian flag cover is dated August 28, 1898, a few days following Hawaii's annexation by the United States.

Hono 18Jun99 76 full flag

Another "full flag" patriotic cover. This cover shows the 45 star United States flag and was postmarked June 18, 1899 during the Philippine Insurrection and nearly a year after Hawaii was annexed as a United States Possession but a year before Hawaii was granted Territorial status. Most certainly, this cover was meant to proclaim a pro-annexation sentiment.

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