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2009 Notes:


Used message and reply card sent from Paauilo to Germany in 1888, and returned with the message half still intact. This card is among the items shown in Fumio Yamazaki's gold medal winning exhibit of Hawaii Postal Stationery.

Fumio Yamazaki of Japan won a gold medal for his Hawaii Postal Stationery exhibit in international competition at PhilaKorea 2009. Above is one item shown in his exhibit - a used message and reply card sent in October, 1888 from Paauilo to Germany. A month later, the reply was returned, without tearing off the message half, resulting in an unsevered used message and reply. Fumio's exhibit of Hawaii stamps has also been awarded international gold medals.

2008 Notes:

UX9a Singapore

An example of a UX9 postal card from Eric Glohr's Grand Award winning exhibit. This card was postmarked at Honolulu on June 20, 1898 and sent to Singapore via Hong Kong - a particularly unusual routing and destination. Hong Kong postmarked the card on July 19 and Singapore postmarked it on July 25.

Eric Glohr won the Grand Award at MILCOPEX on September 14 with his exhibit "Hawaiian Postal Cards and Envelopes: Kingdom, Provisional Government, and Republic Issues". Eric has won previous gold medals with this exhibit and has devoted a lot of work to improving it over the years. Congratulations Eric!

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