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Collectors have long known the 2 orange red Kamehameha IV (Scott 31) was exhausted at the Honolulu Post Office by the late 1880's. Since the Provisional Government overprints were applied in 1893-1894, it stands to reason the only overprinted examples of the 2 Kam IV was the vermilion re-issue, Scott No. 31a). However, because unused stock was returned from outlying offices, it always seemed possible Scott No. 31 and other early stamps could show up. Thus it is both surprising and not surprising to report the discovery of some overprinted examples of the orange-red Scott No. 31.

Scott 65 2 stamps one orange
Scott 65 orange color 600
Scott 65 verm color 600



So far, three examples of the overprinted orange-red have been identified, but there must be others. Take a look at your collection and let me know if you find another. For a study of the shades and details of Scott Nos. 31 and 31a to facilitate identification, see Scott Nos. 31 and 31a Study Page.

Do you have a discovery to share? Perhaps a paper variety, cover usage, additional town cancel variety or a previously unrecorded example of one of the rarer cancels? Maybe a numeral plating variety? This page is intended as a vehicle to report any new discovery in any of the many facets of Hawaiian philately. Send me an E-mail ( with your contribution.

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