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pale rose indicia

PS-2 size 5, pale rose

rose indicia

PS-3, size 5, rose

rose indicia PS-4

PS-4, size 6, knife P-10, bright rose

rose indicia P-11

PS-23, size 6, knife P-11, bright rose

pink inicia

PS-24, size 6, knife P-11, buff glazed paper, pink

carmine 15.1 curves

PS-26- size 6, knife P-11, carmine

red incicia

PS-27, size 6, knife P-11, red

Notice the darker color of the waxy buff glazed paper used for the pink shade. Pink envelopes making up PS-24 have a range of shades from a pretty rose pink to a badly faded pink. The carmine shade of PS-26 is a distinct "burgundy" color, more easily distinguished from the red of PS-28 by examining actual envelopes rather than electronic scans. Natural indirect sunlight is best for identifying the colors of the 2 envelopes.

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