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When I post your question, I will also give an answer if I can - I may ask others to give their input. If your question is too tough, I will post the question and invite responses from anyone who can contribute. If in my opinion the question should not be posted, I will let you know. Thanks for participating. Scott 31

Q: Rodney Moura asks:
Do you have any idea of the quantity of Hawaii 11sb (thin tall SPECIMEN.) were printed. I can't find any information except that in January 1897 16,257 of both 11sa and 11sb were destroyed.

A: These stamps are rather scarce but the quantity overprinted was never recorded. Pat Hogan believed 400 stamps were overprinted 11sb and he estimated 275 survive. I don't know where he came up with that figure. The research done by Wally Beardsley produced a more reliable result of 2400 printed and 1200 issued (net of the number estimated destroyed). They were made to be retained rather than used, so the survival rate must be a high percentage of the number issued. Eight sheets (@20 stamps per sheet) are recorded. I am inclined to think there is a total of about 1,000 of 11sb in circulation, of which 160 are in the eight sheets. By comparison, a consensus exists that 800 stamps were printed of Scott No. 11 (net of 11sa and 11sb) and I think it is scarcer than 11sb. So, pegging 11sb at about 1,000 seems consistent with the consensus quantity of the scarcer #11. Do you think 1,000 is about right?

Q: This question pertains to the non-denominated "Not Liable For Duty" revenue stamp. Has anyone recorded an example on a document dated before 1910? Some experts believe this stamp was issued in 1910 but Burt states it was issued in 1901. The 1910 date is used in the web site. Which is correct?

Scott R nondenom

A: Hopefully, responses to this question will help pinpoint the issue date of this somewhat mysterious stamp.

Q: Scott No. 22, the 5 "Inter Island" Numeral, normally is found on a blue to deep blue paper. Here is an example of the white paper variety. Please let me know if you have an example of this variety so we can create a census. Please remember to include the plate position, if you can identify it, and any other information to distinguish your stamp from another - a scan would be most appreciated.

Scott No. 22, the 5 - Inter Island

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