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Thrum & Oat

Thomas Thrum was a pioneer member of the
Royal Hawaiian Philatelic Society who donated his
collection to the Bishop Museum, Honolulu

Collectors of Hawaiian Stamps and Postal History can benefit by membership in several societies or clubs. Post Office in Paradise recommends the following organizations (please remember to say you were referred by Post Office in Paradise):

American Philatelic Society: in addition to receiving the monthly American Philatelist, membership entitles you to use the American Philatelic Research Library, perhaps the most complete and accessible philatelic library in North America, with easy lending privileges by mail. You can also see the services offered by the APRL.

Hawaiian Philatelic Society: in addition to receiving the monthly news letter and quarterly Po' Oleka O Hawaii, membership entitles you to participate in the monthly auction and to use the capable HPS expert services. By joining the HPS you will become part of a stamp club in continuous operation since it began as the Royal Hawaiian Philatelic Society in the old Kingdom days.

Western Cover Society: membership includes the monthly Western Express with an emphasis on Western postal history but always with interesting articles of particular relevance to Hawaiian postal history.

United States Possessions Philatelic Society: membership includes the quarterly magazine Possessions. The focus here is on stamps rather than postal history and the quality of articles related to Hawaiian stamps is superb.

The Collectors Club: membership includes access to the library. Located in New York City, this library is another great philatelic library. Membership also includes the monthly Collectors Club Philatelist with articles on a wide variety of philatelic subjects.

The U. S. Philatelic Classics Society: this society specializes in 19th Century United States stamps but not US Possessions. For those interested in expanding their interest to include 19th Century United States stamps, this society is well worth the price of membership which includes a subscription to the Chronicle.

SAS/Oceania: for anyone interested in expanding your interest to Australasia stamps and postal history, this society is perfect. Membership includes a subscription to the quarterly Informer.

Royal Philatelic Society London: includes some of the most prestigious stamp collectors of our time. Membership entitles you to the monthly London Philatelist, with top quality articles on a wide range of stamps and postal history. RPSL also has outstanding resources for research.

Hawaiian Historical Society: a non-philatelic organization but a useful and fun source of information relevant to many aspects of Hawaiian postal history and the people who created that history in the 19th Century.

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