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Hawaii's Stamps

Hawaii's Stamp: Jackson5

HAWAIIAN POSTAGE STAMPS first were issued in 1851, when the famous Missionary Stamps were offered at the Honolulu and Lahaina post offices. These stamps were followed in 1853 by the Boston Engraved Issue, printed in Boston. When Hawaii adopted a domestic mail rate, Numeral Stamps were issued, starting in 1859.

In 1861, Hawaii again turned to Boston printers for the Boston Lithographed Issue. Concerned because its stamps seemed of poor quality compared to those of other countries, Hawaii ordered perforated royal portrait stamps, the Bank Note Issue, from New York starting in 1864 and continuing to 1891. The royal monarch, Queen Liliuokalani, was deposed in 1893 and a Provisional Government was established, whereupon the Bank Note stamps then in use were overprinted. The overprinted stamps form the Provisional Government Issue.

After Hawaii's political situation stabilized in 1894, new stamps, the Pictorial Issue, were put on sale. These stamps lasted Hawaii through the remainder of the century. A set of stamps was created for the Foreign Office in 1896 to frank official diplomatic and consular mail. These Foreign Office stamps are Hawaii's only Official Issue.

During the Spanish American War of 1898, Hawaii opened Honolulu as a recoaling station for United States troopships bound from San Francisco to capture and occupy the Philippine Islands. On August 12, 1898, Hawaii was annexed to the United States, ending a decades old debate about whether to annex. Despite annexation, the Republic of Hawaii remained in place until formal territorial status was created on June 14, 1900. Until that date, stamps of Hawaii were used and Hawaii remained a member of the Universal Postal Union.

DOCUMENTARY SEALS AND STAMPS make up the Revenue Issues.

Finally, a set of PRIVATE STAMPS for use on the Kahului Railroad running from Kahului, Maui, to various towns and sugar plantations in Central Maui make up the Kahului Railway Issue.

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