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ABNCo. Color Changes of NBNCo. Stamps

The ABNCo. made slight color changes to three NBNCo. stamps when it reprinted them, essentially to fulfill philatelic sales.

March, 1886 Printing of the 1 Kamamalu in Purple

Hono 16Nov90 UX4

Postmarked November 16, 1890 at Honolulu and franked with a 1 purple, Scott No. 30, of March, 1886, on a UX4 postal card. The crowned circle R is an English mark to indicate the card was researched there to confirm it was sufficiently paid with valid stamps.

March, 1887 Printing of the 2 Kamehameha IV in Vermilion

Hono 20Sep91 31a,37,UPSS3a

Postmarked September 16, 1891 at Hamakuapoko and September 20 at Honolulu, this cover is franked with the 2 vermilion Scott No. 31a in addition to the pair of 1 blue Scott No. 37 on the 1 stamped envelope UPSS 3a.

October 10, 1891 Issue of the 5 Kamehameha V in Indigo Blue

Hono 20Apr92 52C

An order to reproduce the 5 Scott No. 32 brought instead Scott No. 52C, which made its appearance on October 10, 1891. This Scott No. 52C cover is postmarked April 20, 1892.

November 7, 1891 Issue

One stamp was issued this date, the 2 dull violet Scott No. 52.

Hono 16Nov97 32,37,52 + 53,55

Postmarked November 16, 1897 and franked with, among others, the 2 Scott No. 52. This philatelic cover is also franked with two of the old 5 Scott No. 32, a 1 blue Scott No. 37 and singles of the 1 overprinted purple Scott No. 53 and green Scott No. 55 to pay a triple letter rate. The 2 Scott No. 52 is seen commercially in foreign mail on newspaper wrappings.

Provisional Government Issue

It is important to remember many of the overprinted stamps, first issued May 20, 1893, were sold only in sets or full sheets to collectors who greeted the new issue with a buying frenzy. See Provisional Government Issue Seeing any but the comparatively common 1 Scott No. 55, 2 Scott No. 57, 2 Scott No. 66 or 5 Scott No. 59 on cover is a pretty sure (but not conclusive) sign of a philatelic cover. See Philatelic Covers. The 5 ultramarine or combinations of Scott Nos. 55 and 57 are found on commercial covers. The 5 indigo blue, Scott No. 58, or 10 red brown, Scott No. 68, are seen on a few covers thought to be commercial in nature. Other stamps essentially were unavailable for commercial use because collectors and dealers snapped them up as soon as they went on sale.

Hono 11Oct93 59 mahukona

The 5 ultramarine Scott No. 59 is found on commercial covers in 1893 and 1894. This cover postmarked at Honolulu on October 11, 1893 originated at Mahukona, Hawaii and was postmarked there on October 10 with Mahukona type 282.011. The Hawaiian Railroad ran through the sugar district of North Kohala and the port terminus was at arid and lightly populated Mahukona.

Hono 18Mar96 59 (1)

The 5 Scott No. 59 (die 1, re-entered) is found on covers in 1895 and 1896. This example was postmarked at Honolulu on March 18, 1896.

Hono 21Jun93 58, USconsul

Here is a consular cover bearing the 5 indigo blue Scott No. 58. It is postmarked June 21, 1893 and could be a commercial use. A fresh printing of this stamp in June replenished the supply after the initial stamps were sold out.

Hono 27Oct93 55,57 NSW

Combinations of Scott Nos. 55 and 57 are seen making up the 5 rate. This cover was postmarked October 27, 1893 and was sent to Sydney, New South Wales.

Hono 7Feb96 68

Postmarked February 7, 1896 and franked with the 10 brown Scott No. 68 this commercial cover was sent to San Francisco as a double weight cover. There were 2250 sheets of this stamp printed and they were not all sold out at the post office so the stamp was available for commercial use through 1896, after which the remainders were withdrawn and burned.

Hono 18Jul93 67

A philatelic cover sent to Yokohama, Japan franked with the 10 Scott No. 67 and postmarked July 18, 1893. Only 500 sheets of this stamp were printed and sold to collectors and dealers. Notice the addressee is the same as on the next cover.

Hono 3Jul93 53, 62, 66

Another philatelic cover to the same addressee in Yokohama, this one franked with the 1 Scott No. 53, the 2 Scott No. 66 and the 12 black Scott No. 62. It is postmarked July 3, 1893. The 2 is comparatively common (250,000 stamps sold), but the 1 was were sold out to collectors and dealers and the 12 adds a gross overpayment of the rate.

Hono 23May93 64

Postmarked May 23, 1893, three days after the Provisional Government overprinted stamps went on sale, this philatelic cover is franked with the 25 Scott No. 64. Of this stamp, the supply of 300 sheets was sold the first day to collectors.

Pictorial Issue

All of the stamps of the Pictorial, or Republic, Issue (See Pictorial Issue) are commonly found on commercial foreign mail covers with the exception of the 12 Scott No. 78 and the 25 Scott No. 79. Other than on a letter to Samoa or Fiji (I have none recorded), there was no real use for the 12 stamp in the foreign mail except in combination with other stamps. The 25 stamp is hard to find but does exist on commercial covers as well as on philatelic covers.

Hono 15May98 74,75 Kahului

Postmarked May 15, 1898 at Honolulu, this cover franked with the 1 Scott No. 74 and two 2 Scott No. 75 stamps originated at Kahului, Maui where it was postmarked May 14 with Kahului type 272.642.

Hono 3Sep99 76 laup

Franked with the 5 Scott No. 76, this cover originated at Laupahoehoe, Hawaii and was postmarked there on September 1, 1899, with the unusual large postmark type 291.01, and then postmarked at Honolulu on September 3.

Hono 9Feb99 77 Benson

Franked with the 10 Scott No. 77 to pay a double weight letter, this cover was postmarked at Honolulu on February 9, 1899.

Hono 3Mar98 cover reg

This philatelic registered cover postmarked March 3, 1898 is franked with, among others, the 12 Scott No. 78 in combination to make up a 25 rate (10 registry fee and 15 for a triple weight letter) to Carson City, Nevada. The normal size envelope shows no sign of enclosing a triple weight letter.

Hono 13Dec94 cover Reg

This registered cover is franked with the 25 Scott No. 79 and the 5 Scott No. 76 and postmarked December 13, 1894. The rate is 10 registry fee, 5 return receipt and 15 for a triple weight letter. This large envelope could have enclosed a triple weight letter.

Hono 23Jun99 80,81 goose

Postmarked June 23, 1899 and franked with the 1 Scott No. 80 and two 2 Scott No. 81 (the right stamp No. 81 having the flying goose flaw) for the 5 rate.

Hono 13Jan00 82

This cover originated at Hilo, Hawaii where it was postmarked January 11, 1900 with postmark type 253.03 and at Honolulu on January 13.

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