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NZMPO Markings

All markings are given by McNaught types and the illustrations with a type number below them are from the McNaught article given in the Bibliography below.

McNaught type 1

NZMPO type 1 McNaught 1

No date in the mark; no space between NZ. McNaught says there are three similar styles. First used on the service between Auckland and Panama until it collapsed in 1869 and then on early contract steamers between Honolulu and Auckland.

McNaught type 2

NZMPO 6Jan85 Z McNaught 2

Three styles of the "Z" are recorded but it is unclear whether more than one was used in the Honolulu-Auckland service.

McNaught type 3

NZMPO type 3 McNaught 3

Only one style is mentioned.

McNaught type 4

McNaught 4

Three styles are mentioned and it is recorded on a Scott No. 36.

McNaught type 5

NZMPO 6Jan85 McNaught 5

Tall letters in "MARINE P.O."
Recorded as used on the steamers Mararoa, Australia and Zealandia until 1888.

McNaught type 6

NZMPO 6 a McNaught 6

Medium letters in "MARINE P.O."
Noted used on the steamer City of Sydney until 1886 and later on the Mariposa.

McNaught type 7

NZMPO 11Apr81 mark NZMPO 15Dec93 cds NZMPO type 7

Short letters in "MARINE P.O."
Noted used on City of Sydney in 1881, Zealandia before November 1885 and later on Alameda.

McNaught type 8

McNaught 8

Dot between "N" and "Z"
Noted used on Zealandia (1889-1890), Monowai (1890-1897) and Moana (1897-1900). It is recorded on Republic Issue stamps and on Scott 52C.

McNaught type 9

NZMPO 15Jan90 cds

Noted used on Alameda and Monowai between 1890 and 1896.

McNaught type 10 and 12 to 17

NZMPO 21Apr98

Vessel names distinguish type 10 and types 12 to 17, all conforming to the style of type 10. Vessels are Moana (type 10) used June-August, 1897 and February, 1898 to October, 1900; Monowai (type 12) used December, 1896 to May, 1897; Alameda (type 13) used April, 1897 to February, 1901; Mariposa (type 14) used 1897-1900; Miowera (type 15) used December, 1897-April, 1899; Warrimoo (type 16) used December, 1897-April, 1899; and Aorangi (type 17) used December, 1897-April, 1899.

McNaught type 11

McNaught 11

Used September, 1897 to January, 1898.

Paquebot Markings

Marking types are those given by Hosking in his book referenced in the Bibliography below.

San Francisco Markings

Hosking type 990

Hosking's SF 1 - a

May 15, 1894

28mm x 3mm (some heavily inked strikes are 4mm tall); steel blue
Usage dates: May 5, 1894 to _, 1895
Rarity 1R

Hosking type 991

Hosking's SF 2

April, 1898

Hosking's SF 2 -a

November 16, 1899

31mm x 5mm; bluish purple, reddish purple
Misspelled PAQUOBOT
Usage dates 1897 - 1915
Scarcity 2

Hosking type 992

Hosking's SF 3 - a

September 31, 1898

35mm x 4mm; reddish purple
Usage dates 1898-1912
Scarcity 2

Auckland Markings

serifed letters

NZMPO type 18

McNaught type 18
Hosking type 714

McNaught 18

non-serifed letters


April 21, 1898
McNaught type 19
Hosking type 721 (but Hosking puts the use of this mark in 1934)

Brisbane Marking

Brisbane loose letter

Hosking type 612 (1894-1928)

Please E-mail ( me if you have examples of paquebot markings from other ports.


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  • Hosking, Roger, M.A., Paquebot Cancellations Of The World, published by author, Surrey, England, 1977. The standard reference work on Paquebot Cancels; San Francisco paquebot cancels, p. 107.

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