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PS-1 - paler green - color on

PS-1, size 5, green

PS-1 - dark green - color on

PS-1, size 5, dark green

PS-20 blue green indicia - color on

PS-20, size 6, knife P-10, blue-green

PS-21 dark green on buff - color on

PS-21, size 6, knife P-10, dark green

PS-22 pale green - color on

PS-22, size 6, knife P-11, pale yellow-green

PS-25 yellow green - color on

PS-25, size 6, knife P-11, flaw, yellow-green

Note the creamy white color of the envelope used for PS-21. Although PS-20 and PS-21 were sent in fulfillment of the 1885 order for 20,000 envelopes, the printer changed color and paper stock during the printing. However, the green and dark green of PS-1 may be considered different intensities of the same color.

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